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14K Small Everybody's Favorite Hoop

14K Small Everybody's Favorite Hoop

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The Smaller Version of our Classic. Handmade in Brazil to a standard of perfection under the watchful eyes of the finest artisans these hoops are now available in 14k Gold.  The result is a hoop weighing less than anything on the market, that will last for a long time, and is absolutely gorgeous. They were tested by Sheila herself at the beach for days at a time, at galas and at meetings. The ultimate piece for every occasion, they will withstand salt, waves, sun, humidity, you name it, and still exalt style anywhere you go. Our masterpiece in a Smaller 14K Gold Version. A homage to the Brazilian spirit. 

Comes with the branded, Sheila Fajl, vegan-leather Hoop Pouch

Approximately 2" in Diameter.


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