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Sheila Fajl

Sheila is all about the joy of life. She embraces the Brazilian spirit like no one else. Beauty, to her, is in the soul. It is in how you wear your body, and has nothing to do with standards or size. Her goal is to inspire every woman to feel beautiful without breaking the bank or starving. Sheila’s pieces are created with one thing in mind: to make women feel good about themselves.

Born in Brazil and now a proud Californian, Sheila Fajl brings her extensive fashion industry experience to her refreshingly simple yet elegant jewelry lines. Sheila began her fashion career as a model and went on to succeed in virtually every aspect of the industry: design, sales, marketing, management, and manufacturing.

Sheila is a tireless entrepreneur and an artist with a clear vision and an irresistible spirit. “I want my jewelry to not only make a woman look special; I want her to feel special. Every time someone wearing one of my pieces receives a compliment and gets that warm glow inside, I know I’ve done my job.”

Sheila would love to hear from you. She welcomes your comments and your stories. E-mail her directly at

You're not one to steal the spotlight. Why? Because, silly, you can't steal something that's rightfully yours to begin with. Jewelry designer Sheila Fajl understands your oh-so-entitled mindset. Her quirky pieces — gold-leaf earrings with chalcedony briolette drops, gold necklaces with coral and amethyst beads and vintage heart charms, chunky rectangular-cut black onyx rings — demand attention without begging for it. They're a great way to announce your good taste and style to the world, whether at a fancy affair or an understated blend-in-with-the crowd sort of event. Not that you'd be caught dead at one of those.

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Sheila Fajl Designs

Sheila Fajl Designs is a California based company incorporating extensive design and management experience into the pursuit of one goal: to realize Sheila's vision of an alluring, fun, and contemporary line of high-fashion jewelry. We are committed to always being ahead of the latest trends and following the strictest manufacturing guidelines that comply with the highest quality standards.

Our products

Our jewelry is carefully designed with one thing in mind – to make you feel beautiful and to make you glow. Our products are fully handmade by artisans in Brazil. We use natural semi-precious stones that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Our metal is 18K gold plated over 100% nickel free brass and silver plated over 100% nickel free brass. Our manufacturing process is designed to use materials in a very responsible manner, making our products some of the most “eco-friendly” jewelry in the market today.